I'm Tony Nguyen

I create awesome software applications

Full Stack Software Engineer. Based in Los Angeles.

About Me

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I've always had a knack for technology. As I grew up, I was introduced to the world of software engineering, and I fell in love with what I saw.

I’ve always sought out opportunities and challenges that are meaningful to me. Although my professional path has been considered elementary to many, I've never let that get in my way of enjoying my passion to build software and solve problems.

Besides making software, I enjoy playing Rainbow 6: Seige, working out, and reading.

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Mobile Engineering
Web Engineering


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🔊 Productivity App

Utilizing machine learning, this cross-platform mobile and web app can record a user's conversations to determine if they are on or off-topic in real-time. Great for providing increased productivity in work environments.

💪 Fitness App
Got Gainz

This cross-platform mobile application provides fitness workouts to users based on their goals. As users progress with their workouts, this app will increase reps, weight, and time to continuously improve the user's fitness goal.

FlutterProject Management


Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to work together.